Our bioinspired zMembranes heal damage that industries do to water.

  • From lab to location

  • From theory to product

  • From polluted to pure

There’s a global water crisis. After centuries of pollution and overuse, only 1% of the world’s water is available to drink or use because we damaged it every day.

We conduct research and development in the lab and in the field.

  • We invented and manufacture bioinspired coatings.

    • They allow polymeric membranes to work as well as ceramics.
  • We design and build our own coating lines and automated test equipment.

    • We can test multiple stock membranes against coated ones concurrently.
    • We can dedicate a coating line to a single customer.

We’ve also developed more cool stuff that we don’t share it because …

Our engineering product is our process.

  • The water crisis has many types of solutions.

  • zNano is a world class team of scientists and engineers.

  • We’re dedicated to providing technological solutions.

  • We take a systemic view of water problems.

  • We evaluate stakeholder needs, life cycle costs and public reception.

  • We use an iterative testing process.

  • Our continuous evaluation of our projects enables maximum success.

  • We build it ourselves: zNano has constructed high-throughput testing equipment.

We do it for your competitors so we can’t tell you about it.
But we can do it for you, too.

zNano Publications

zNano’s Bio Inspiration

Adrian Brozell’s graduate work was at the intersection of interfacial science, surface functionalization, surface grafting, self-assembled monolayers, lipid bilayers, ion channels and sol gel chemistry. His investigations were towards the development of lab on a chip technology for therapeutic discovery. [...]

zNano List of Publications

2018 "Synthetic Biological Membrane Forward Osmosis Trade Study" By Michael Flynn, Jaione Romerio, Jurek Parodi, Rocco Mancinaelli, Hali Shaw, Adrian Brozell, Simone Tatum, Abdelrahman Budair 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems 8-12 July 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico __________ 2016 "Testing [...]

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Revolutionary Technology behind zNano Systems

“The membranes in our water treatment system have been tested at the NASA Ames research facility and proven six times more efficient than industry standard membranes. The result is a 50% reduction in system and maintenance costs compared to other systems on the market.”



Our products and services restore water and enable water resilience.


We’re nimble, responsive and even disruptive.

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