zNano Restores Water

From separating molecules to installing complete systems, we purify water through four systems and services:


There’s a global water crisis. Only 1% of the world’s water is available to drink or use. Society damages it every day. Here’s what we’re doing about it:


The work we do is critical because:

  • Drought is plaguing the West and large parts of the world.
  • Climate change is affecting rainfall patterns around the globe.
  • Microscopic fibers are polluting the ocean.
  • Utility companies are increasing the price of water and imposing restrictions on water use.
  • Consolidated municipal treatment plants don’t return water to the point of use.
  • The undamaged water supply is continually dwindling.
  • Without on-site recycling and re-use, eventually companies will be unable to expand their operations.

Testing & Analysis:
It’s Who We Are

Adrian Brozell, Founder and Chief Scientist of zNano, challenges his highly skilled team with inventing solutions to today’s water issues.

  • Question – We question everything, from every angle. Then we go to work.

  • Build – We create custom solutions for your purification needs.

  • Test – Our favorite four-letter word. We continue testing rigorously until we best our predictions.

  • Rinse, Repeat – We test and refine, until we’re satisfied that you’re satisfied.

Inventions happen on the workbench and often stop there. zNano implements its inventions in real world applications.


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