Adrian Brozell, zNano founder and chief scientist, has a passion for research. In Silicon Valley, zNano has access to the finest minds in a variety of disciplines.

3rd Party Research Projects:

Critical life-support systems for planet exploration: Under Adrian’s expert leadership, zNano has begun to develop solutions to one of the most critical life-support systems for travel to Mars – recycling and restoring all liquids (yes, even that). For a scientific read, dive into Adrian’s publications on:

Synthetic Biological Membrane Forward Osmosis Trade Study

Synthetic Biological Membranes

Testing of Synthetic Biological Membranes for Forward Osmosis Applications

Paying a high price for inexpensive garments? We all do when we purchase clothing made in countries without strict water pollution regulations. zNano helps clean and restore water by coating membranes for companies like Concord Enviro specifically designed to remove fabric softener and dyes from the water used in textile manufacturing.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Adrian Brozell solved a big problem for craft beer makers – more specifically, in the malting industry necessary for beer making. zNano’s water treatment units, used to cool and clean malster waste for maltsters like Admiral Maltings, removes an effluent that contains a corrosive molecule strong enough to melt PVC.

In-House Research Projects:

Did you know laundromats have more containments in their wastewater than any other commercial process? Adrian knew. That’s why he picked laundromats as one of the first locations to test zNano’s robust membrane coatings and its Advanced Water Recycling Systems. zNano systems successfully treat laundromat effluent for companies like Dutch Cleaners.

Do you buy carbon credits to offset you carbon footprint? Soon you may buy them from zNano. Adrian is heading up a research effort to commercialize a membrane coated with an ultra-thin enzymatic liquid membrane for CO2 separation and capture. In the meantime, check this out.


zNano’s continuing research and development efforts – for both its own needs and through non-recurring engineering for others – has resulted in multiple new technologies that improve the efficiency of membranes and solve problems faced by industries in a variety of verticals.

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