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zNano’s media team monitors coverage of water availability and purity in both consumer and industry media.

The company’s scientists provide expert resources to a variety of media channels.

Read current news coverage below.

World Water Day 2020

Yesterday was officially World Water Day, founded by the United Nations and observed annually by companies, organizations and individuals around the world. Never has the need for clean, accessible water been stronger than during the growing COVID-19 pandemic. [...]

Can plastic be fantastic?

Modern economies do a difficult dance with plastics. At present we can’t function without them, but they’re fouling every type of ecosystem on earth – at sea, on land, in the air. Are there safer ways of producing, [...]

Think global, act local

An organization in San Francisco aims to build a movement by funding and installing water fountains across the city. 1000 Fountains plans to install, well, 1,000 drinking fountains in the city within the next 7 to 10 years [...]

Water treatment plants

Can you imagine living in a city with no wastewater treatment plant? As we at zNano work on cutting edge filters that remove an impressive range of pollutants from water, it’s important to remember that effective governance and [...]

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zNano’s Bio Inspiration

Adrian Brozell’s graduate work was at the intersection of interfacial science, surface functionalization, surface grafting, self-assembled monolayers, lipid bilayers, ion channels and sol gel chemistry. His investigations were towards the development of lab on a chip technology for therapeutic discovery. [...]

zNano List of Publications

2018 "Synthetic Biological Membrane Forward Osmosis Trade Study" By Michael Flynn, Jaione Romerio, Jurek Parodi, Rocco Mancinaelli, Hali Shaw, Adrian Brozell, Simone Tatum, Abdelrahman Budair 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems 8-12 July 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico __________ 2016 "Testing [...]

zNano Awards & Milestones

AWARDS Silicon Valley Water Awards Most Innovative Company 2016 The Silicon Valley Water Conservation Awards recognize organizations, agencies, businesses and individuals whose programs and leadership advance water conservation and reuse in Silicon Valley. Edison Awards Silver Medal Commercial Sustainability 2014 [...]

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