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zNano’s media team monitors coverage of water availability and purity in both consumer and industry media.

The company’s scientists provide expert resources to a variety of media channels.

Read current news coverage below.

Wildfires pose threat to water quality

As wildfires raged through California this year, we learned – again – that water quality can be affected hundreds and maybe thousands of miles away from actual fires. As of December 22, more than 7,800 fires had been [...]

Of Two Minds: Scientist and CEO

Successful businessman Karl Manhas, trained in biology and biotech, recently took on the false dichotomy often used to separate people who “do good” from people who “make money.” In his essay at, he traced this and other [...]

Alliance for Water Stewardship: Online training

The Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) is offering free online training for individuals and entities – including businesses, nonprofits/NGOs, and governments – to learn what this stewardship is and how to become involved. AWS brings together stakeholders from [...]

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zNano’s Bio Inspiration

Adrian Brozell’s graduate work was at the intersection of interfacial science, surface functionalization, surface grafting, self-assembled monolayers, lipid bilayers, ion channels and sol gel chemistry. His investigations were towards the development of lab on a chip technology for therapeutic discovery. [...]

zNano List of Publications

2018 "Synthetic Biological Membrane Forward Osmosis Trade Study" By Michael Flynn, Jaione Romerio, Jurek Parodi, Rocco Mancinaelli, Hali Shaw, Adrian Brozell, Simone Tatum, Abdelrahman Budair 48th International Conference on Environmental Systems 8-12 July 2018, Albuquerque, New Mexico __________ 2016 "Testing [...]

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