Lead Investor

Peter Simon
Managing Member, Diamond Gold Investors (Nevada), LLC

Simon is a resort casino owner and developer who has spearheaded the construction of utility services, RO water treatment, and first and second stage sewer treatment for greenfield casino developments in multiple locations without public utility service. He is also currently a licensed gaming operator; a partner in five restricted-license casino taverns in Las Vegas, Nevada; a mining executive in Las Vegas Rock, Inc., a LEEDS certified quarry; and the managing partner in Diamond Gold Investors, a family of privately funded investment entities involved in a variety of verticals.

From 1995 to 2005 Peter Simon was the SVP of Business Development at Mandalay Resort Group, which was sold to MGM. During that time, he and his hotel partners created LasVegas.com, the first website to incorporate air, car, hotel, shows, tours and services for visitors. From 1989 to 1995, Peter Simon was a Partner in charge of business development at Goldstrike Partners, a private casino company and the vehicle by which, in 1995, he and his partners merged (RTO) with Circus Circus.

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