Yesterday was officially World Water Day, founded by the United Nations and observed annually by companies, organizations and individuals around the world. Never has the need for clean, accessible water been stronger than during the growing COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re seeing immediate new partnerships among epidemiologists, public health experts and scientists spread around the globe at internet speeds. At the same time, we’re seeing poor communities lacking even the most basic ingredients for measures to avoid infection, such as hand washing. Without clean water, what is anyone to do?

Here’s to the people on the ground working to clean waterways, those operating water plants, those creating and keeping water infrastructure sound. And here’s to those who lack all of these and walk long distances every day to bring clean water home. On the web we can find data analysis about COVID-19 spread and videos that show us how to thoroughly wash our hands in a time of crisis. Even more basic are the efforts IRL to make and keep water safe, reliable, accessible and plentiful.

Let’s remember that every one of the planet’s 7.8 billion people need actual water to beat the COVID-19 pathogen. Let’s act decisively and collectively to ensure the water is there.