While water scarcity around the world is likely to become a hot geopolitical issue, the United States military has learned that more than 100 bases in the US alone are already at risk of water shortage.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report last week listing 102 military bases that are at risk of shortages and some have already been under water restrictions. These bases could conceivably be without enough water to meet their “mission needs,” including insufficient water for drinking, sanitation, training, fire fighting and weapons testing, the report said.

Shortages exist or are possible at bases in several states across the country, stretching from California to South Carolina. Mountain Home Air Force Base in Idaho, for example, faced forced reductions in water use in recent years because of short supplies.

The report said that warming air temperatures, which are due to climate change, will result in worsening droughts and a decline in water quality.

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