Water access and quality are critical considerations globally, especially in developing countries where millions of people lack both. In South Africa, for example, some reports say water mismanagement is a greater threat than drought even here, where a serious multi-year drought left some  small towns entirely without water. To address these issues, the South African government has just introduced the “National Water and Sanitation Master Plan,” aimed at ensuring water security across the country.

As widely reported in international media, the water crisis has affected homes, villages, businesses and farmers. The new plan, covering 2019-2030, calls for immediate and long-range actions to address systemic and infrastructure problems and covers water use, water quality and environmental protection. The report also addresses the country’s “inequitable access to water and sanitation services, and the deteriorating safety and reliability of these services.” The shortcomings are threatening South Africa’s ability to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 6, which is ensuring clean water and sanitation for all.

Development requires all kinds of investments, and investing in water is all-important.

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