Our friends at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) continue to challenge companies to make renewing and protecting the environment a core part of their business strategies. This article by Rylan Dobson, Water Stewardship Manager, WWF Germany and Alexis Morgan, WWF Global Water Stewardship Lead, is a case in point.

Noting that the New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP) was announced at the 2019 World Economic Forum in Davos, Dobson and Morgan call on businesses to take the deal seriously.

They call on business leaders to move from a “corporate sustainability narrative” to asking the critical question, “What do we need to do for nature and people?” Answering that question and structuring business efforts accordingly will require “transformational changes to their business models out of recognition that their long-term resiliency is intertwined with that of nature’s resiliency.”

The ND4NP says we must depend on “science” to determine what nature needs, and then create “a compelling, science-based economic case” for our businesses.

As a science company, we agree. The science showing plastic pollution and its negative impacts on the environment, for example, is clear. We at zNano offer nanotechnology-based products and custom-designed processes to filter pollutants from water at industrial scales. Every company, however, has to be part of the broader solution.

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