Happy Infrastructure Week! What? You haven’t heard of it? Well, you’re using infrastructure pretty much every day of your life, so let’s celebrate. From public drinking water systems to bridges to highways and beyond, America’s future will be shaped by the infrastructure choices we make today. Just like today is shaped by the choices we made – of lack of attention we paid – to things like the drinking water systems in Flint, MI and other US cities. Attending to the approximately 155,000 public water systems in America is critical.

Infrastructure Week is coordinated by a nonprofit organization that brings together businesses, workers and unions, elected leaders and concerned citizens to raise awareness and develop solutions to continually improve our nation’s infrastructure.

We at zNano Water Tech are doing our part with membrane technologies that work close to the source of pollutants to filter them from water. ‘Your yoga pants are killing us’ we say, just half-joking, because microfibers are a serious source of pollution in laundry water, for example. Our patented technologies used in filters, however, stop plastic pollution before it leaves the building. Check out our “black box” solution for use in commercial laundromats to filter out problem particles. It’s a good example of businesses, scientists and yoga devotees working together to protect our water supply.