When the Flint water crisis created consumer demand for affordable water quality testing kits, this entrepreneur met that demand. In 2016 a state of emergency was declared in Flint, Michigan (USA) because drinking water wasn’t safe. Wondering whether her own water was safe, and finding that testing kits cost $3,500, Indiana resident Megan Glover co-founded 120 Water Audit to provide affordable options.

Thanks to her company’s innovation, individual consumers now can have their water tested for under $100 per sample. The company also serves government agencies, public water systems, schools and other facilities by testing water samples and managing drinking water programs.

We at zNano serve other sectors of the water quality market, providing custom-designed specialty membranes to help companies stop pollution at its source. Whether working at the source or the end of the water supply chain, entrepreneurs are key to solving the global water quality crisis.