Congratulations to winners of the 2019 Imagine H2O Urban Water Challenge! Founded by water tech innovator Bluewater and 11th Hour Racing, the Challenge honored three winners – from India, Colombia and the United States – during World Water Week in Stockholm in August. They are WatchTower Robotics (USA), Indra Water (India) and Zilper Trenchless (Colombia). The Challenge also showcased three startups as finalists; each received deployment award funding. They are SmarterHomes (India), StormSensor (USA) and Upepo (Kenya).

The 2019 Challenge attracted 226 startups from 38 countries. The winning startups will use Imagine H2O’s funding to deploy solutions in cities in three continents. WaterTower Robotics will map water pipe networks in 3D and detect leaks with its small-scale robots in Da Nang, Vietnam. Indra Water will deploy its modular, decentralized wastewater treatment systems in colleges and schools in Mumbai, India. Zilper Trenchless will install and replace water pipes using its trenchless technology in the greater Bogota, Colombia region.

“The planet faces a great many environmental threats, not least growing water scarcity and ocean pollution, which requires human ingenuity be harnessed globally to avoid potentially cataclysmic consequences,” said Anders Jacobson, Co-founder and CEO of Blue, the impact-led investment company owning Bluewater. “Each of the three winners of the 2019 Imagine H2O Urban Water Challenge provides an innovative solution to solving urban water challenges.”

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