Assuming that impact investing brings lower returns is an out-of-date idea. Believing an investor has to settle for less in order to address urgent global ecological concerns is a myth. Impact investing in individual companies – like zNano Water Tech [ ] – and investing in funds are both viable strategies for securing strong returns.

We’re seeing increasing interest around the globe in this approach for doing well while doing good. We took note this summer, for example, when Schroder’s, one of the United Kingdom’s largest fund managers, acquired a majority stake in BlueOrchard Finance, a Swiss fund firm that’s a pioneer in impact investing and microfinance.

As writer Joe McGrath at [] said, “If fund managers needed a sign they should consider impact investing as a viable strategy – rather than just the latest fad – they may have just been handed it. Schroders, one of the UK’s largest (fund) managers, has acquired a majority stake in BlueOrchard Finance,” which “focuses on inclusive and climate-smart growth in emerging and frontier markets.”

Investing in efforts to protect the environment must be a focus if we’re to have a world left to invest in.

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