We’re big fans of the folks at Plastic Oceans International, the nonprofit organization raising awareness about plastic pollution and inspiring innovative partnerships and changed behavior around the globe. “More than 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually,” they say, and “more than 90 percent of it isn’t recycled. At least eight million tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean each year.”

The world took notice this month, for example, when Plastic Oceans ambassador Sarah Ferguson of Durban, South Africa (@SarahFergusonZA) became the first person to swim around Easter Island. Congratulations Sarah! Here’s a great article + video of Sarah talking about her historic swim and the need to address plastic pollution. Her swim was part of Plastic Oceans’ positive-attention-grabbing, international #swimagainstplastics campaign.

We’re also sending congratulations to @MarkMinneboom, head of Fundación Plastic Oceans Chile @PlasticOceansCL, who has announced that the Plastic Pact Chile is official. It’s just the fourth such pact in the world, preceded by the UK Plastics Pact in 2018 and those in France and The Netherlands earlier this year.

The Plastic Oceans Chile team will lead the initiative with a seat on the board of directors along with heavy hitters from Fundación Chile, the Ministry of Environment, CORFO, the Ministry of Economy, the Agency for Sustainability and Climate Change, and the Association of Municipalities for Environmental Sustainability (AMUSA).

Plastic pollution is “a global issue that transcends countries, governments, industries, neighborhoods and levels of development,” Mark says. “Currently most of everyone’s focus goes to changing consumer behavior and policy change, but companies have their share of responsibilities as well. There is so much they can do to reduce, reuse, innovate, communicate and in general make an effort to avoid single-use plastics to also make sure plastic doesn’t end up in our environment.” The Chile pact is supported by companies including Unilever, Coca Cola, Nestlé, Soprole, Mall Plaza and Resiter.