As scientists we’re data fans at zNano. These interactive water maps provided free for international use by the World Resources Institute (WRI) recently caught our eye.

Dedicated experts at WRI provide the impressive web-based Aqueduct tools, free of charge, to map water risks such as floods, droughts and stress, using open-source, peer reviewed data. WRI is based in Washington, DC and the tools are made possible by the support of the Aqueduct Alliance, a coalition of companies, governments and foundations at the cutting edge of water stewardship.

The current iteration of Aqueduct “represents our most robust look at water risks to date, including more granular data, higher resolution, new indicators, improved tool function and access to underlying hydrological models,” WRI says.

In addition to providing these interactive mapping tools, the Aqueduct team works one-on-one with companies, governments and research partners to “help advance best practices in water resources management and enable sustainable growth in a water-constrained world,” they say.

WRI focuses on “seven urgent global challenges that must be addressed to reduce poverty, grow economies and protect natural systems,” according to their website. These areas are climate, energy, food, forests, water, sustainable cities, and the oceans. “Since its inception in 2011, the Aqueduct Alliance has helped improve sustainable water management across sectors by developing actionable data, tools, methodologies, analyses and strategies.”

Check out the data and map your interests here.