Adrian Brozell, zNano’s founder and chief scientist, has invented cost competitive Micro, Ultra, Nano and RO zMembranes that increase permeability by up to 30% and decrease or eliminate irreversible fouling while maintaining rejection and improving flux.

As an undergraduate, Adrian Brozell, zNano founder and chief scientist, became fascinated with membranes. To evolve that fascination into a product, he formed zNano in 2010. By 2018 zNano had developed the ability to produce polymeric UF zMembranes that perform as well as ceramics in high volumes at competitive prices. This product is currently being sold for use in the US and China.

Want your polymeric membranes to perform like ceramics? We do too. zMembranes have been successfully field tested as replacements. If you (OEMs) have systems that use both, use our zMembranes in those systems and you’ll be able to compete against ceramic systems with equal performance at lower cost.

Looking to replace poorly performing PAN membranes? zMembranes are currently being used for that purpose in China.

Want to reduce the cost of treating Produced Water? At a customer’s request, zNano will piloting NF designed to do just that in Q1.

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