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Systems & Services

Polyester & Micro-Fiber Filters (Black Box)

Adrian Brozell, zNano’s founder and chief scientist, knows your yoga pants are killing us (fish and fashion, too). Micro and plastic fibers and particles enter the waste water flow through un-filtered laundry water, pass though municipal waste water treatment systems and enter the oceans and ecosystems. They wreak havoc on the environment and enter the food chain. Fortunately, Adrian has invented a filter for use in commercial laundries to capture the harmful fibers and particles.

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Advanced Water Recycling Systems

It’s all about lowering costs, preserving jobs, conserving resources and creating a path for heavy users of water to expand their businesses in a drought-stricken world.

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Bioinspired Membranes & Coatings

Adrian Brozell, zNano’s founder and chief scientist, has invented cost competitive coatings for Micro, Ultra, Nano and RO membranes that are permanently bonded, increase permeability by up to 30% and decrease or eliminate irreversible fouling while maintaining rejection and improving flux.

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Research & Project Management

Technology scales and is at the heart of everything we do. Adrian Brozell and his team at zNano specialize in managing research large and small. We have managed a multi-million dollar project for NASA, a $10,000 project for a customer in India and projects in between. zNano produces timely and cost effective results.

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“Separating pollutants from water, fats from milk, dye from coloring clothes and polyester fiber from laundry water are just a few of the things my advanced separation technology can do.”

Our Team

Nimble, Responsive, Disruptive

THE zNANO TEAM is multidisciplinary, versatile and insanely curious. At its core are an ingenious biophysicist, inorganic chemist, materials engineer and electrical engineer with impressive capabilities. While Adrian is the trusted link between zNano’s invisible product and the people who care about the technology, he is also the star that attracts top notch scientists contributing their own vertical knowledge bases.

zNANO’S MISSION is enabling water resilience and restoring water through technology.

Meet the team

Market Validations & Customers

zNano is solving water problems that would keep you up at night. It’s global. And it’s personal. zNano has worked with NASA, Admiral Maltings, Dutch Girl Cleaners and Concord Enviro to solve their problems.

  • zNano licenses its coatings to major companies;
  • zNano coats membranes for its own use and for others;
  • zNano designs and installs customized single and multi-unit treatment systems for many industries;
  • zNano builds, installs and maintains multi-unit water treatment systems for many industries;
  • zNano works with leading technologists to solve their specific problems and monetize those solutions.

“biomimetic filters mimic the structure of naturally filtering cellular water membranes”

Principal Researcher, Nanobiology Department,
Sandia National Laboratories

“zNano is comprised of a world class team of scientists and engineers who are a critical asset to any project including advanced water treat technologies, my specific association with them.”

Michael Flynn, Principal Investigator (PI) in water recycling technology development,NASA Ames Research Center

Latest Media & Resources

‘Water cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be damaged.’ — Peter Gleick, Hydrologist

zNano is at the forefront of water issues.

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