Like all Californians, Adrian Brozell, founder and chief scientist, is all too familiar with the state’s droughts. As the 2012 drought worsened, Adrian developed ways people can recycle, repair and restore water through industry advances.

zNano’s Advanced Water Recycling Systems recycle 80% of waste water with on-site plants in a return loop system, reducing company water purchases and disposal costs. See what zNano has done for Dutch Girl Cleaners and Admiral Maltings.

Do you require a customized recycling system? zNano’s design process includes the installation of a pilot plant. This allows zNano to design an Advanced Water Recycling System that utilizes zNano’s proprietary Ceramic Coatings for UF, Nano and RO membranes and our own software/firmware to assure the greatest possibly efficiency. This means we return more, and cleaner, water than any other competing system.  zNano designs and builds any desired configuration, from single large systems to multiple operating systems.

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